Origins of UWO

There were two people in Cologne, who it became their main concern in this world to work for their dream of true peace and the common welfare among people. The literal dis-illusionment regarding the painful events and the associated measures taken so far in the world of politics, business and even the real peace-oriented UN, aroused the wish of new and different ways to go in truthfulness from person to person, face to face, hand in hand and mainly from heart to heart.

In this sense, their first mission was expressed through music, to give people in Ukraine strength, courage and hope for a more dignified life. Axel Hilgenstöhler, musician, composer and music producer, created together with Rostyslav Bome alias “Artisto”, singer and actor, the song “Revolution Ukraine”.

This Ukrainian song promotes a peaceful revolution in the form of solidarity and love. In winter 2013/2014 came the moment for Artisto to sing this song in Kyiv on the Maidan to all those people, who had gathered there in a peacefully and in good faith. The song evolved over the numerous appearances during the following months more and more to an anthem.

Rostyslav Bome stayed and sang as Artisto on the barricades until spring 2014, when the conditions became more and more opaque and highly dangerous. In those bloody days founded on 24.02.2014 Axel Hilgenstöhler in Germany with some like-minded people connected in the spirit with Artisto the organisation first as United Ukraine World Organisation (UUWO) as a sign of solidarity and humanity

After the returning of Rostyslav, he and Axel became concretely in extending the focus of support to all people worldwide, so that the organisation was officially renamed in its present form as United World Organisation (UWO) on 01.02.2015.